Creativity Quest: an artistic adventure into Morocco

It’s said that creativity is the most important ‘soft skill’ needed in today’s world. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all that’s going on right now, this could be just the escape for you.

So many of our Concierge Morocco guests are artists themselves or are interested in art, be it the artisanship that Morocco is known for or contemporary art. Most of our guests have enjoyed the Artisanal Affairs tour in Fez where they can get up close and personal with the artisans: brass and copper beaters, bone carvers, tanners, embroiderers, weavers, mosaic tile makers, potters and many more.


Right now, so much of our creativity is being stymied and stifled by world events. Creativity Quest offers an escape and could be just the opportunity to start seeing beyond and building the future. The traditional artisans are the inspiration behind Creativity Quest and following this strong Moroccan theme, you can explore the country and culture from the comfort of your home.

Put together by artist and Sefrou resident, Jess Stephens, the creative spirit behind the Artisanal Affairs tour, and coach and adventurer, Michelle Rumney, the Creativity Quest is a seven-week journey of discovery. Says Michelle, ‘this course is very much for people from all walks of life, whether they see themselves as ‘creative’ at the moment or not. It’s for people with a zest for adventure and a love of arts and culture – by participating in this course they will be able to explore and discover aspects of these that resonate with their personal interests – and get to know the arts and culture of Morocco in more depth.’


Seven weekly, 90-minute sessions via Zoom, promise to ‘take you deep into the colour, culture and contrasts of one of the world’s most fascinating destinations: Morocco. Vibrant and glamorous, alluring and multi-layered, a Moroccan insider’s eye view will be your guide.’

To learn more, visit the site here or watch the webinar on YouTube.

Creativity Quest begins on 27 June. Book through the site and benefit from a 15% discount.


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