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Concierge Morocco
For information on planning your Moroccan adventure, contact us by phone or email.
We will help you use your time in Morocco wisely, with plenty of opportunities to soak up the local culture, and not too much time on the road. We have exciting excursions and activities, people to meet and places to visit. Ask for our information sheets on Moroccan food, hammams, reading, listening and watching lists, museums of the Marrakech medina, restaurant suggestions for each city and general travel information.

My Moroccan mobile number and Whatsapp number is:
+ 212 672 513 357
Please phone during office hours. This number works even when I’m travelling elsewhere.

Skype name on request.

Email: conciergemorocco@gmail.com

Concierge Morocco is a division of Agence Helen Ranger, Patente no. 14706404

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