Contact Concierge Morocco + Covid-19 entry requirements

For information on planning your Moroccan adventure, contact us by phone or email. We will help you use your time in Morocco wisely, with plenty of opportunities to soak up the local culture, and not too much time on the road. We have exciting excursions and activities, people to meet and places to visit.


PLEASE NOTE: Morocco’s borders are open to flights and ferries. Updated 30 September 2022.


  • Morocco has lifted all requirements for a vaccine pass or a PCR test to enter the country.
  • all passengers must complete a passenger health form before arrival. You can download it here.


MASKS are supposed to be worn (but rarely are):

  • in reception areas of hotels and guesthouses. 
  • entering a restaurant or bar and moving around inside (eg getting up from your table to go to the toilets)
  • in all shops and offices such as banks and post offices
  • on all transport
  • in hammams, spas and public swimming pools
  • in museums and cultural sites
  • in cinemas and theatres
  • in parks and playgrounds

Your temperature might be taken on entering restaurants and bars, museums and cultural sites and in shopping centres.

SOCIAL DISTANCING: please leave a distance of at least 1,5m (6′) between you and other people. 


Contact me:

My Moroccan mobile number and Whatsapp number is +212 6 72 51 33 57. Please phone during office hours. This number works even when I’m travelling elsewhere.

Skype name on request.


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