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Concierge Morocco supports the High Atlas Foundation

Since Fez Riads was established in 2005, we have funded numerous restoration projects in the Fez medina. Many have centred around the restoration of fountains and the local inhabitants have been delighted with the results.


The projects are funded by the guesthouses we represent at Fez Riads, who donate a percentage of the guests’ accommodation costs. This means that if you make a booking with Fez Riads, you automatically contribute to this restoration fund.

At Concierge Morocco, we have extended this community contribution by supporting the High Atlas Foundation.  The Foundation funds grassroots development in predominantly rural disadvantaged communities in Morocco.  The projects on the go now include women’s cooperatives, fruit tree agriculture, clean drinking water, highly profitable and ecological irrigation, and participatory planning and management training in partnership with Hassan II University in Mohammedia.

This means that when you book a trip with Concierge Morocco, we will donate a percentage to the High Atlas Foundation to support their projects. If you’d like to support the Foundation’s work further, please see their Giving Menu.

tree logo16th January 2014 a milestone event in the calendar of the High Atlas Foundation is scheduled to take place in various locations simultaneously throughout Morocco, with the celebration of its successfully completed One Million Tree Campaign. The project is poised to continue indefinitely, at an accelerated pace, with 500,000 young trees expected to be planted in 2014 alone.

tree planting


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