Fernanda Costa-Moura & Jose Belisario Franco, Brazil, May/June 2019

I’ve been so dazzled with everything we see that just couldn’t sit and write!
We are enjoying everything even more that I could have imagined!
Essaouira was  great and Marrakech is gorgeous and intriguing.
Being in a Medina is a far more absorbing experience that I thought! Little day to day scenes that we witness or experienced, that most certainly seem part of everyday life, work for us as if suddenly we found ourselves in the middle of a novel or some old cult movie picture.
Everybody we talk to,  employees at the Riads, artisans at the souks shops, children from the neighborhood have been kind and welcoming, the experience we have been having even with vendors, and people in the markets has been very polite and subtle, not too pushy or agressive as I heard people describe it. And on the contrary it’s been great fun, this anthropology exercise, as they try explain and sell their art, their culture, their history of tribal bonds and costumes and  crafts to us.
And on top of it all, the superb elegance –  in aesthetics, of course, (every detail so cured!) but also in manners, respect, self respect, – and all the care and pride of Muslim culture, that we had only started to glimpse when we visited Andalucia , is here again.  Blossoming in every corner and every detail, no matter how small or simple!!

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