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Gene and Joanne Shutek, Vancouver, Canada, May/June 2012

We began planning our 7 week holiday with a vision of truly experiencing the culture, people and diversity of Morocco. We knew we wanted to live in the Fez medina for a month, attend the Festival of World Sacred Music and to independently travel around the country..…but we really had no ideas about selecting accommodation, transportation or an itinerary that would help us realize our goals. Our first step was to email Helen Ranger: she replied promptly with clarifying questions about our interests and budget and initial suggestions for our trip. Helen worked with our ideas, and drawing on her extensive personal knowledge of Morocco, crafted an itinerary including beautiful riads, a variety of types of transportation and activities such as hiking through the Rif mountains around Chefchaouen, exploring the sand dunes of Merzouga and enjoying the beautiful seaside city of Essaouira. She pre-booked interesting and affordable accommodations and handled details such as purchasing bus and train tickets and organizing a driver for part of the journey. Helen is a great communicator and she was extremely reliable, prompt and efficient. She never lost sight of our priorities and worked hard to customize our experiences. In the end, thanks to Helen’s input and help, we had a rich, rewarding and memory filled trip.