Gladstein family, California, USA, June/July 2012

Now that we’ve returned I wanted to thank you for the arrangements you made for us. We thoroughly enjoyed our trip, and my wife and children and I will always look back on it as a great adventure.
Our transportation the entire trip was terrific. Both drivers, Lotfi from Casa to Fez and Anass from Fez to Marrakech were pleasant and helped make us feel safe throughout the journey. The cars were also comfortable and clean. Our stay at the Riad Misbah in Fez was very enjoyable and I would highly recommend it to others. The rooms were very nice, the location great and I must say that Fiela cooked us what was probably the best meal we had all trip. Having their pool was also a nice break after a day walking the medina.
The artisanal tour with Jess was a real highlight. We all enjoyed her connection to the artisans and manner and I would recommend her as well to others.
Our trip to Merzouga was great and we enjoyed the Maison as well as the desert trip. Most importantly, the entire trip was a success and I thank you again for your assistance with our plans. I could not have done it without you.

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